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Feed Me Poetry
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Sunday, November 26th, 2006
12:52 pm
The Rod Bearers
How To find the path when each guide
calls one another a madman?
Yourself too dim too uninformed
Too lost to go the road alone
But all of those who would have you
Follow, each one carries a rod
Each has cast his down and each one
Has conjured for you the serpent
And all writhing, none is consumed

Turn aside and catch a glimmer
Flickering light from a strange fire
The flame compells and you approach
As you reach out to grasp a branch
Alight with dancing tongues of flame
Drunk with sheer delight of being
Performing an intoxicated
frolic Of naked and holy
existence before your trembling hand

Grasps your wrist and pulls you away.
Says the rod bearer, it is an
Illusion. This path, I assure you,
Will lead you safely home.
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
9:17 am
A First Attempt At Song Lyric Writing
Love Hate Song

So cold without you stealing the covers
bed so small without you taking up half
never daring to call ourselves lovers
a night warmed with scotch whiskey and decaf

this time its too much, I can't keep it in
the silence we keep, it breaks and we fight
i'm asking too much, you're asking much more
the way these things go, it isn't alright

it's never been right

not allowed to speak
not allowed to dream
you tell me I'm weak
I should live as steam
sorry I'm human
sorry I care
sorry I love you
oh, how could I dare?

I dreamt about you once again last night
I'd control it if you could teach me how
in the grass in the park in broad daylight
you loved me then as I despise you now

I wonder sometimes if you remember
if you even recall the way it was
you stayed with me that week in December
you cared for me the way no one else does

not allowed to speak
not allowed to dream
you tell me I'm weak
I should live as steam
sorry I'm human
sorry I care
sorry I love you
oh, how could I dare?

we never traveled, you and I
we never did much but talk
you came to me with your ideas
we had plans written in chalk

washed away, effaced, rubbed out
all that is life put to rout

we still talk it seems when you wish it so
toss me crumbs of hope to keep me breathing
you keep me from thinking that I can go
with nothing there to consider leaving

maybe you've just got more to you than I
You're stronger than I am, so fine: I give
your expectations of me are too high
you can go through life, but I want to live

just leave me to live

not allowed to speak
not allowed to dream
you tell me I'm weak
I should live as steam
sorry I'm human
sorry I care
sorry I love you
a gift that's so rare

it can't be spoken
profaned by your lips
well that's what you think

I don't anymore.
Monday, August 8th, 2005
8:32 pm
Newbie...guess I'll post my most recent work
(this poem was written from the point of view of a teenage boy who killed his mother after his father died in a car accident. his motives were never established)


Falling down and I’m feeling nothing.
I weep sweetly but nothing gets through to you
My own reflection is cold and hateful and I can no longer deny this urge
I see your vile face in my own
I want to tear you out of me
And in my dreams I hear my screams…

Never stick your hand in my face again,
Get ready, it’s coming for you.
Fear my violence, inconsequential, my identity
Tick tock…tick tock…slipping away.

I can feel your fear inside of my own heart as my words rip into you
If I cut you, you’d bleed air, no warmth, just stale death.
Where along this road did you die?
Awaken with your life covering me, you were too damn good.
I am alone again, but oh, mommy, I will always be your loving son,
Living in a world of the dead and the lonely – in a world of shit
A world that you created when your soul began to rot.

She brought meaning to this empty existence
I beg her not to turn away, to hear the words I’ve spoken
She let the darkness cover me, denied everything and slowly walked away
I beg her to carry me away, to give me her strength
But here I am, on my own, living just to hear her one last time.

Father, please forgive me; the pain was just too much to bear.
Demented screeches and blank faces, and you weren’t there.
I begged for you, cried for you, needed you to be strong for me once again.
At the end of it all, all the hurt, the prayer
At the end, all that mattered is you just weren’t there.

Staring at your picture, we were so happy once
Do you remember the good times, pop?
Do you remember the laughter?
It all ended so quickly, no warning, no time for goodbyes
And all I wanted was for you to be here.

Where are your nursery rhymes now? Where is your jazz?
Where is the love and the feeling and the meaning?
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
Why does the past have to linger in my dreams and my waking nightmare?
The memory can’t just die, slip away with the warmth of your voice.

My chest glimmered in sweat as she shivered in the cold
The soft skin split, blood slithers over my arms in streams of significance
Felt the walls oozing away, her eyes crossed over mine
Her legs were weak, my head spun
No one can save us from the inescapable claws of darkness
My mind wanders and I forget what I have done.

The whimsical blue sky held the sun that shone brightly
Displayed the rich umber banisters of her porch
The light decorated the falcon brown steps where she once sat
Still for hours, barely breathing, eyes reflecting mine, but never seeing.

No one will ever know my story or understand why
I fade away knowing my intentions will be mangled.
“This confession has meant nothing…”

(the last line is the last line from American Psycho)

Hope you enjoyed!


Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, March 24th, 2004
6:26 pm
1:04 am
welcome to Feed Me Poetry! If you haven't already read the guidelines in the community profile, i'd suggest you do so. it'll give you a good idea of what this community is about.

some people might want to choose a day of the week to submit a poem for workshopping and always submit one on that day, as a way to encourage themselves to write every week. you're welcome to do this, but you're also welcome to submit more or less than this. it's all up to you.

okay, less introducing, more poetry! :)
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