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Feed Me Poetry

A tasty, feedback-oriented, interactive poetry community

Feed Me Poetry!
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welcome to Feed Me Poetry.

there's a good deal of effort involved in the cultivation, preparation, and consumption of food. it can be rewarding and satisfying, or it can be tiresome and frustrating. it is often done in the company of others, and the way people work together towards the common goal of getting food from it's source to your stomach can have a huge effect on how enjoyable and productive the process is.

Poetry is a lot like food. it's often most satisfying when it's both created and tasted, and when everyone tasting and creating helps with the cleanup and gives input into how to improve the recipe.

This is the goal of this community: to share in all aspects of the poetry process. brainstorming, writing, rewriting, critiquing, editing, just plain enjoying, and everything else that happens when text meets screen in a poetic way.

If this sounds yummy to you, you're welcome to join and participate. but before you do, please check out the following guidelines... see if you think this community is to your taste.

the first rule of Feed Me Poetry is: you're welcome to talk about Feed Me Poetry. ;) heck, refer somebody to the community and i'll give you a bagel*

*bagel is a metaphor for appreciation and love. i don't actually have the means to distribute bagels internationally :)

just to make the most important point yet again: if you're posting in this community, you should give constructive feedback on other people's work, and be prepared to recieve constructive feedback. if you don't like giving or recieving feedback, maybe this community is not for you. the community wouldn't work if everybody just posted stuff and never gave feedback.

however, if there's the occasional piece you do not want feedback on and just want to share, that's fine... just say "no feedback, please" or something like that at the top of the entry.

please give constructive criticism. "the second line in the second stanza seems a bit unnecessary, since you already established that the man has rotten cheese in his fridge in the first stanza." is an example of constructive criticism. "u stink at poetry u loser" is not.

then there's all the usual stuff... don't post spam or ads, they will be deleted. don't post work that is not your own without giving credit to the author.

well, what are you waiting for? dig in!